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Finding Inspiration at Bay Day 2014

on June 11, 2014

Hello out there in PGO land…

Many of you know that we had the pleasure of playing for Bay Day in Port Norris, NJ last weekend. We met lots of lovely folks and had a great time playing music. We shared the stage with some fine musicians, which always brings us joy. We captured this clip of one of them, Bill Horseman, from the Chowder II band. He told us that he’ll be 84 next month and has been singing for “almost that long.” His voice was strong and clear with great pitch and tone, something that is hard to achieve even when you’re not 84. But he sang the whole set, never missing a beat, and worked up this great yodeling session, to boot. He was a real inspiration. We asked him how he managed to keep his voice so stong and he told us, “I sing every day.” A good lesson for us all.

Go on out there and sing something!


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