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PGO Meets the Beatles

Hi friends of PGO

Tonight we begin the arduous task of deciding which Beatles songs will make the cut for our upcoming all-Beatles concert on April 15th.

It’s terribly hard when there are so many wonderful songs from which to choose…

There are 13 in our set list already. Now we have to decide which new ones to learn to add to the pack. What are your favorites? Maybe there’s one we haven’t considered yet.

Peace, Love and Music – PGO

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A Great Mardi Gras Night

Gotta LOVE the UU crowd and the FUUN Committe – they know how to throw a party. PGO was honored to play for this group. We had a great time and hope to do it all again real soon!

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It’s a Mardi Gras Party

Hello PGO friends! We are excited to launch our new website and blog. We’ll be posting songs and photos in the near future, plus we’ll keep you up to date on our gigs! As always, thanks for listening. Peace, Love and Music, PGO

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